Afterburners are a general equipment type available on all ships. They give a strong temporary boost to the movement speed of the ship. They're good for chasing down a fleeing target, running away from a losing battle or simply getting across a decent portion of a planet to a key area on the map. Be warned, they have a very slow cooldown period; make sure to use them carefully at the right moment.



  • Sub-Standard
  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Power
  • Enhanced Power
  • Vega


  • Augmented
  • Speedster
  • Ram Accelerated
  • Scram Driven
  • Antares


  • Fusion
  • Enhanced Fusion
  • Dual Fusion
  • Gemini


  • Fusion Pressure
  • Fusion Turbo
  • Shkadov Fusion
  • Fusion Force
  • Mizar

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