AnIn-1450 Armoured Transport
Ship Details
Class Tank
Cost 251 Cryonite, Rank 3
Rank Required {{{rank/level}}}
Sell 125 Cryonite
Equipment Blasters

Repair Droid

Armour Bulkware - Default

Thermograde - 139 Cryonite
Deluvian - 202 Cryonite
Methanoid - N/A

Repair Cost 7 Energy
Paint Cost 8 Cryonite
Drops From Reward for completing Escorting Bill on Axiom

The AnIn-1450 Armoured Transport is the first Tank class ship available to the player. It features more armour than its predicessor, the AnIn-1300 Light Transport.

The AnIn-1450 also features a new component for players, the Sheild which can absorb most of the damage the player takes until either its energy is depleted or its time runs out. This can make a huge difference for new players who have yet to perfect the art of Mantis hunting and for experienced players who need that little extra health.

The AnIn-1450 comes equipped with Sub-Standard Blasters, a Sub-Standard Collector, and aSub-Standard Repair Droid by default.

It is rewarded for completing the mission Escort Bill on Axiom.


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Ship StatsEdit

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