AnIn-2000 Storm
Ship Details
Class Storm
Cost 445 Cryonite
Rank Required Rank 10
Sell 222 Cryonite
Equipment Blasters

Repair Droid
Aim Computer

Armour Bulkware - Default

Thermograde - 247 Cryonite
Deluvian - 358 Cryonite
Methanoid - N/A

Repair Cost 31 Energy
Paint Cost 24 Cryonite
Drops From Reward for completing Operation Smuggler Shutdown on Lyris

The AnIn-2000 Storm is the basic Storm ship available to all players who have completed Operation Smuggler Shutdown. It is the first Storm ship available to the player and boasts several upgrades over the basic Raider ships.

The AnIn-2000 Storm offers 2 new components for players, the Aim Computer, which increases the players accuracy allowing for more accurate hits which do more damage, as well as increasing the likelihood of critical hits. The Storm also has a Rocket launcher slot. Rockets do twice as much damage as Blasters

It comes equipped with Sub-Standard Blasters and a Sub-Standard Collector by default.


Like the other Anin-2000 ships, the Storm is based on Antares Industries best selling Anti-Piracy vessel, the TK-10. The Storm has 'damage dealing' modifications, making it highly effective at displatching Mantis.

Ship StatsEdit

Not Available.