AnIn-D35 Fire Storm
Ship Details
Class Storm
Cost 1,862 Cryonite
Rank Required Rank 18
Sell 931 Cryonite
Equipment Blasters

Repair Droid
Aim Computer

Armour Bulkwark - Default

Thermograde - 1,034 Cryonite
Deluvian - 1,500 Cryonite
Methanoid - N/A

Repair Cost 59 Energy
Paint Cost 86 Cryonite
Drops From Reward for completing Antares System on Aurora

The AnIn-D35 Fire Storm is the regular Storm for Antares System. It has more armour than the Vega Storms and is capable of having armor upgrades (Thermograde and Deluvian). It also has a new component available, the Perferator.

The AnIn-D35 offers a Perferator, a powerful component that allows the user to shoot through Shields. How well the Perferator punctures that opponent's Shields is determined by tech level. Lower level Perferators will have more trouble with higher level Shields.

It comes equipped with Sub-Standard Blasters and a Sub-Standard Collector by default.

The AnIn-D35 is given as a reward for completing Antares System on Aurora.


The Fire Storm is designed for maximum fire power on the battlefield while still being robust enough to survive most Mantis attacks. In addition to Rockets and Aim Computers, the Fire Storm can also equip advanced technology known as 'Perferators' which allows its weapons to cut straight through the target's Shields, hitting the ship within.

Ship StatsEdit

Not Available