AnIn-X Colonial Jet
Ship Details
Class Tank
Cost 327 Cryonite
Rank Required Rank 3
Sell 163 Cryonite
Equipment Blasters

Repair Droid

Armour Bulkware - Default

Thermograde - 182 Cryonite
Deluvian - 263 Cryonite
Methanoid - N/A

Repair Cost 7 Energy
Paint Cost 8 Cryonite
Drops From Mantis Sentinels on Axiom, 4 Blueprints

The AnIn-X Colonial Jet is an upgrade of the AnIn-X Colonial Lifter. It is the second Tank ships made available to the player.

The Colonial Jet, like the AnIn-1450 Armoured Transport, adds a Shield to the list of usable equipment.

It comes equipped with Sub-Standard Blasters, a Sub-Standard Collector, and a Sub-Standard Repair Droid by default.

The Colonial Jet drops from Mantis Sentinels on Axiom and requires 4 Blueprints to complete.


The spaceship of the Colonial elite, the Colonial Jet is both fast and well armoured. It also has modifications that allow for advanced shielding technology to be installed.

Ship StatsEdit

Not Available