A energy cell intel scan page

Energy is needed to operate advanced ship components. There is a limit of how much energy you can collect. This limit increases each level as more advanced items need more energy.

Gaining energyEdit

The most common way to get energy is by collecting it in your collector.  Energy looks like blue spheres floating in the air and glowing. To collect it you fly up to it, select it, and use your collector item to gather it. The collector does not use energy.  Another way to gain energy is by collecting Blueprints that you have already completely collected. The blueprint is then turned into energy for you to utilize. The more advanced the blueprint, the more energy it is turned into. The final way to gain energy in by buying it for gold. You can buy instant packs of energy for gold in the shop. The amount of energy is added to your energy store instantly.Purchased energy can go over your energy limit. There are 5 set amounts you can get in the shop, and each of these packs give out more energy as your level increases. 

If there are any further questions, contact a GM in-game.