Engineer Ships are ships designed to repair or enhance other squad member's ships. They are equipped with various repair targeting devices, Protectors, and some can even resurrect destroyed squad members. These ships are mostly designed to work best in a squadron, but some abilities can be used on the Engineer ship itself.

Engineer Class ShipsEdit

  1. Anin-2000 Engineer (Level 10, Vega)
  2. SC-SSX Overseer (Level 10, Vega Rare, Easter)
  3. Anin-H18 Engineer (Level 18, Antares)
  4. GC-3 Fusion Engineer (Level 25, Gemini)
  5. GC-X Fusion Engineer (Level 25, Gemini Rare)
  6. MST-FF3 Fusion Engineer (Level 35, Mizar)
  7. STAM R-Engineer (Level 45, Sol)
  8. STAM S-Stellar Engineer (Level 60, Sol and Draconis)
  9. META-04 Engineer (Level 70, Reward Weapoized Methanoids on Gazica)
  10. META-SDX Engineer (Level 70, Draconis Rare, Easter)
  11. AnIn-3 constructor

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