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The Mantis are an alien species that use large biological ships and mine Cryonite. This species has a single queen and is a common enemy of all humans. While humanity thrived and grew, the Mantis started to destroy colonies to keep all of their Cryonite to themselves. The Great Empire abandoned the last colonies, fortified it's own walls and made a truce. The Colonial Administration in the sector of Vega made a truce as well.

The following are all of the known Mantis on this wikiEdit

  1. Drones
  2. Scouts
  3. Sentinels / Sentinel Commander
  4. Scientist
  5. Eliminators
  6. Marauders / Marauder Commander
  7. Avengers
  8. Custodian Commander
  9. Harvesters
  10. Interceptor
  11. Menders
  12. Rocket Turrets
  13. Frenzoid
  14. Barbarian
  15. Rocketeer
  16. Parasite
  17. Resurrector
  18. Detonator
  19. Pyro
  20. Paralyzor
  21. Assassin
  22. Sniper
  23. Behemoth
  24. Transporter
  25. Repogrub
  26. Signor
  27. Saboteur
  28. Minelayer
  29. Attack Drone

Note on ColorationEdit

Watch Mantis engines to determine rank.

Normal - no color change

Green - Commander ranked unit

Pink - Rare Mantis. Larger unit, more health, but same strength