List of Story Missions needed to get through Mizar story arc.

Story MissionEdit

Explosive Information

Return To Mizar

Planet Search

Planet Search 2

Help Fighters

Energy Depletion

Possible Weakness

Finding A Way Through

Finding Beryllium

Dangerous Modifications

Testing Aggro

Back To Mizar

Gaining Entry

Molikar Search

Jogging Memory

Juggernaut Attack

Proving Allegiance

  • 1175 Cryo

Bombs Needed

To Molikar

Operation Weakpoint

Molikar Memories

Trade and Treachery

A Traitor's Fate

Cunning Diversion

Fighting A Colossus

Confining Evil

Prisoner Escort

Sol Story Missions

Out Of Order

Give Chase

Hostage Negotiation

Mutilator on Lustra

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