Once a independent city planet of enormous wealth, Ob was the envy of the insidious Galatine Empire. Ob's fate was eventually sealed with the rise to high office of Seth ALtuma, a corrupt politician and Galatine puppet.

Soon after, the Mantis arrival brought war to the planets of the Mizar System. At least, to all but one... Seth Altuma saw the Mantis invaders as an opportunity to crush the Galatine Empire's enemies in Mizar. He began a campaign of appeasement while secretly aiding the Mantis in their wars with the other Mizar planets.

But the total annihilation of the peaceful inhabitants of Cosmo finally exposed Seth's treachery. The once subservient population of Ob rebelled, killing Seth Altuma and his acolytes and taking up arms against the Mantis. Unfortunately it was too little too late, the newly embolden population of Ob were quickly eradicated by furious Mantis attacks, leaving nothing but ruins of the once glorious independent city planet of Ob.


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