A patterned ship

Patterns are 2-colour templates that can be applied as paint jobs to your ship.  They are looted as Blueprints, and applied in the Hangar by selecting a Pattern, primary, and secondary colours.

Rare Mantis units will drop a rare pattern. These are listed as Rare and the Mantis units type. (ie; Rare Avenger Pattern)

Coupon CodeEdit

Organic Stripes

  • 8380-C2CD-74FA-8014

Rare PatternEdit


  1. (Kalabesh)
  2. (Axiom)
  3. (Lyris)
  4. Rare Avenger Pattern (Aurora)


  1. Rare Barbarian Pattern(Teresa)
  2. Rare Frenzoid Pattern (Lustra)


  1. (Prosperous)
  2. Rare Parasite Pattern(Commerce Central)
  3. Rare Pyro Pattern(Technatoria)


  1. (Baumar)
  2. (Molikar)


  1. (Mars)
  2. (Moon)
  3. (Moon)
  4. (Earth)

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