Planets in Pirate Galaxy are mainly for story where you steal tech, get cryonite, and of course do story missions.

Conquest planets where clans can own it by wining a conquest tournament.

Planets are where you win tournament ships.

Challenge planets where you get cortex parts and only are 3 of them in the game. Phobos in Vega; Arkon in Draconis, Planetary Bodies AX-03 and BX-12 in Sol (event Planets).

Resource planets where you get quarcs. (Sirius only)

Ancient planets where ancients are located. (Sirius only)

this is the list of planets (to be filled out)





Sol Edit



  • Ring 1:
  • Ring 2:
  • Ring 3:
  • Ring 4:
  • Ring 5:
  • Sirius Wormhole

Tau Ceti Edit

  • Tau Ceti Stargate
  • Vénar

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