Vega Vendetta Blaster

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Rare Blueprint


Vega and Antares rare blaster shot.

Vega Vendetta Blaster


Fill Mantis and enemy pilots with dread as they witness the awesome power and critical damage of the Vega Vendetta Blaster. A rare weapon of mass destruction, the Vega Vendetta Blaster packs a punch.


20% more powerful than the Ion Storm Blaster, instead of firing small bursts, this weapon fires a large pulse wave with a higher chance of critical then convenential weapons.

Where to find it and how:

System: Vega System

Category: Blaster

Type: Rare Blueprint

Planet Found On: Aurora

Dropped by: Mantis Avenger

Rank of Mantis: 15

Rank Required to Install: 12

Cryonite Cost: 917

Energy usage per Shot: 8

Blueprints Need for Full Set: 5

Star System Normal Blueprint Best: Ion Storm Blaster