The first human colonists bleieved Remo to be capable of supporting human life, if only they could advance their technology enough to cope with its extreme surface temperature.

However, that was before the destruction of Antares 1 in the 'Darian Event'. 'Darian' was the name given to a massive asteroid comprised almost entirely of precious metals. The smart idea put forward at the time was to detonate a nuclear device within Darian to aid the mining effort.

Unfortunately, the blast was also enough to propel Darian across the System toward the hapless Antares 1.

Antares 1 survived the collision... for a time. Its Orbit around the Antares Star was adversely affected, a fiery death within its parent was to be its fate.

Since the Darian Event, Remo has steadily moved toward its parent star, as the gravitational tidal forces caused by Antares 1's fiery death passed on the disease of 'adversely affected orbits'.

No one knows when Remo will arrive within the stars gravitational field, but everyone knows they do not want to be on it when it finally happens.


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