The Ancient Myst

Sirius is a very different System compared to the others in Pirate Galaxy. It is a singularity system. Once you completed the Ancient Artifact and defeated the Mantis Queen, Sirius will be available. The Singularity consists of five big rings and up to five planets circle the wormhole in the middle on each ring. Every planet has a limited lifetime until it collapses and another planet takes its place. Therefore the planets have randomly generated names consisting of few syllables. Examples are: Nanze, Rianre, Ivpho or Zenostor. There are new white "clan" missions on every newly spawned planet. The first four rings are inhabited by either Mantis, Methanoids, Imperials or Pirates. Here you can find blueprints with Oolyte, Dolomyte, Clay and Kenyte strength.

The system Edit

Sirius is dynamic: the planets are constantly created and collapse after max 10 days. Out of thousands of worlds, 2 to 3 dozens exist at any given time and orbit the wormhole in 5 concentric rings. Sirius planets are Resource (Rings 1–4) and Ancient (Ring 5) planets.

Obtain different items in rings 1-4. When reach the ring 5 obtain ancient ships and itens.

How to obtain: defeat enemies around the rings planets since Mantis, Imperials, Methanoids, Pirates (all in rings 1-4) and Ancients (ring 5).

If Have a clan, the admiral or captain´s clan buy a Jump ship. The Jump ship serves as a mobile hangar, the admiral or captain´s clan recharge Jump ship with quarcs obtained on resources planets (rings 1 - 4).

The ring 5Edit

Once unlocked the ring 5 can fight againist ancient enemies and obtain your itens since ancient items of other systems (vega to Draconis) and Sirius ancient itens.

Once defeated ancient enemy drops bps and bps ships, this ships are Ancient ships they are hybrids ships with different appearances.

Ancient Raven - can protect yourself and repair allies and stun enemies.

Ancient Ghost - can bypass shields, evade enemies shots, repair around and boost cooldown speed.

Ancient Raider - can burn enemies, protect yourself, repair around and boost cooldown speed.

Ancient Legionary - launch rockets, use aggrobombs, materialize killed allies and use stun domes.

Ancient Myst - can evade, protect yourself or allies, use stun domes and can use the orbital strike.

Ancient Punisher - can deal more damage with rockets, sniper blasters, thermoblasters and boost cooldown speed.

Curious fact: Ancient Punisher is slower than other ancients ships, deal more damage than others ships and consumes more energy than other ships because your itens.

The Ancient Myst is tall sometimes if see the image this ship cut off the top.

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