A anin B-20 shock ship

Speed Stun==

Shock ships are a variety of ships that focus on disabling the opponent and reducing the resistance the opponent puts up. This grants them great survivability as their stun items can be used for assaults and retreats. Shock class ships can equip Stun Charge ,Speed Actuator , Aggrobeacon and a Stun Dome . Stun Charge reduces the target's ship and item speed reducing their ability to resist. Speed Actuator speeds up your item's cooldowns to allow you to dish out as much damage as possible while the enemy is stunned. Aggro Beacon makes nearby Mantis attack the beacon nonstop which allows you to pick them off one at a time.  Stun Domes stun enemies is an area which is great for escaping swarms and helping a team.  

List of Shock ships(In progress,to be filled out)Edit

  1. Anin-2000 Speed Stun (Standard Stun, Level 10)
  2. SC-X Arrow Speed (Rare stun, Level 10)
  3. Anin-B20 Shock Ship (Standard Stun, Level 18)
  4. Anin-X Shock Ship (Rare Stun, Level 18)
  5. GC-4 Fusion Shock (Standard Stun, Level 25)
  6. MST-FF4 Fusion Shock (Standard Stun, Level 35)
  7. STAM R-Shock
  8. STAM S-Thunder Shock
  9. META-03 Shock (Reward Weaponized Methanoids on Gazica)
  10. Anln-10 Terrorizer